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  1. I recently reviewed my credit report and have found several unsolicited credit inquires on my credit report. They appear to happening at regular thirty day inquires. Why am I seeing this?
  2. I have sued one credit reporting agency for not validating debt. The credit agency did not have one document to prove they validated the debt. The credit card was a corporate card of which I was the authorized user. FCRA rules state without agreeing to liability I could not be held liable. However the courts position was its Plaintiff burden to prove I was not liable and not the reporting agency. The fact they do not do their job is not your proof. You need to prove it with your own documents. The case was dismissed with judgement for the defendant. I hope this can give you more prospective on Debt validation.
  3. Card holder agreements dated 1993 or before. Has anybody in Florida Courts defended themselves from a generic guarantee in a card holder agreement dated 1993 or before. What was the outcome? The card was issued in 1993 to an out of state C Corporation. I understand the FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT states an individual cannot be held liable for debts of a corporation unless the authorized user agreed to be liable. What constitutes personal liability in Florida? Can generic language in a CARD HOLDER AGREEMENT dated 1993 or prior constitute personal liability? When I state generic, I am saying there was no account number or name assigned to the card holder agreement. I also understand card holder agreements are not signed. I do not have a copy of the 1993 original card holder agreement. I assume the agreement stated some form of liability but I am not sure of the language.