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  1. Credit scores make very little sense to me, so bare with me. Over the years, Ive opened alot up in my name for various reasons. Most of them I do not use anymore, and were quick fixes to help family out in times of need. They pay the monthly note, but it still has put alot open in my name. I currently have about 8 credit cards, with balances that are near their limit or not too far off. I also have an auto loan and student loans. I have been approved for a 2 year loan that covers the cost of 3-4 of these cards. Ive been paying the minimumn on these cards, and at this rate it will take several years to pay them off. It also saves me a ton of money as the loan has better interest rates. My question is would it be better to use the loan to pay off the balances of these cards but leave them open, or to just go ahead and close them out? Ive read that closing cards can hurt your score, but Ive also read that having alot in your name hurts too. Trying to figure out the best approach. Thanks!