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  1. So the collection is only on showing on my Equifax and TransUnion reports. Both companies have online dispute capabilities. Is it recommended that I use those instead of mailing? Won't it make the verification process faster, at least with the CRAs being able to let me know the status of the dispute faster. Also, if I use the online dispute method, and they come back validated, would I be able to follow up with an MOV still?
  2. Oh ok, that's great to hear that it will not reset anything. That has always been in the back of my mind but it is good to not have to worry about now. I am probably not searching for the right thing, but do either of you have a link to a sample validation letter to send to credit agencies? Only examples I could find were to the CA or creditor themselves. Also, because the collection is reported on multiple credit reports, do I need to file a dispute with all agencies or just one of them (Equifax or TransUnion)? Sorry for my complete ignorance and thanks again for all of your help.
  3. Thank you for the response.The part I bolded in the quote is what worries me the most. I would like to do almost whatever it takes to get it off, but if I send a dispute letter, it comes back verified and then the creditor updates the collection on my report, won't that reset the 7 years?
  4. Well, I apologize for coming off that way. It did read snobby I guess and I don't really have an excuse for it outside of just saying this whole situation blows and I am sick of having to think about it. If that is the case, would you say the best bet would be following what fist recommended then, right? To send a dispute letter to the CRAs to make sure it is accurate and then follow up with an MOV?
  5. First off, thank you to the three of you for posting responses. I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me. bassplayr, I appreciate your reply but to start things off, I honestly do not need a lecture on whose debt this is and why it technically isn't inherited. I used inherited for lack of a better term, and also wanted to use it in this context as I was considering using it in a letter sent to the CA, but realize that this may not be the best method to do so. Lastly, due to me being a full-time student and not working, and also being of legal age and having to sign all of the documents myself, I did take a sign and take on the responsibility of repayment, but my parents told me I did not have to worry about it. I am taking ownership of this debt now, and am just trying to do what is best for myself. We did not have health insurance at the time, so my parents were paying out of pocket for my medical bills/surgery. Also, I could pay-in-full for delete, but I have been told this is typically above and beyond what is necessary to be able to have a CA remove the debt as they have bought the original debt for pennies on the dollar. All-in-all, I don't mean to come off as snobby, but hope you understand where I am coming from. Hi Clydesmom, I think I will go along with something like you had mentioned as I feel that is the best plan of attack, at least at this point in time. The debt has been uncollected for four years now, by the same agency, so an offer for 20-25% of the debt should hopefully work. We did not have insurance at the time, so a pay for delete at a discounted price should hopefully work. I hope I can have the same success as you have had in the past. One thing I do want to ask though, is that you have said there has been no re-insertion of the trade-line. Does that mean they can actually try to re-collect on the leftover balance after an agreement for pay-for-delete has been agreed upon and finished? Thanks again for your time! Hi Credit, This is definitely owned by a CA, the specific name being California Accounts Services, linked here: http://www.californiaaccountsservice.com/ Says original creditor is: SD OP Surgery Center LP Open: April 2011 Last reported: Jan 2011 Anything else?
  6. Hi everyone, I did a search on the forums and was unable to find a scenario like mine. If there is one and I missed it, I apologize in advance for overlooking that. When it comes to my question, it originates from a medical debt collection started in 2011 that, as far as I know, came from me breaking my hand in 2010 and being of legal age. Although I signed all of the medical documents, my parents were going to pay the medical bill as I did not have income to pay for it because I was a full-time student. With that said, my parents accidentally stopped paying the debt (I believe it was being paid for on a charge card and they received new cards), and it eventually ended up on my credit report, resulting in around $1600-$1700 in debt. So, why am I worried about it now that it is almost 2.5 years away from being removed from my credit report? It is because I have a flawless credit history outside of this collection and I honestly want to correct this "mistake" so I can continue on with having my "perfect" credit history. Now that I am graduating college and am possibly looking at moving out soon, I want to be able to have a clean-slate and not run into any issues with my credit history. I am also looking at applying for another credit card or two as my credit score is slightly above 700. Now my question to you friendly folks is this, I have read about settling and seriously pursuing the "pay for delete" route because that is the best case scenario for me, but where do I start?. I have the money to offer a sizable settlement amount, but I do want to try to settle for as low as possible as I know they buy the loan from doctors for pennies on the dollar. As a side note, this debt is still owned by the original CA that filed the delinquency back in 2011. Do I send a letter of validation even though I believe the debt is accurate and all of the notes match up with the original source of debt (the hospital)? If I do and I receive confirmation, do I offer 20% of the debt and work my way up from there? Do I run the risk of having them "reset" the SOL if I try to settle for a pay for delete? I am very serious about getting this removed, and am willing to spend generously if that's what it takes, but I'd rather start low and work my way up from there. This was what I was thinking about saying when I call them, "Hi, “name" I was hoping to be able to speak with someone about being able to settle a collection on my credit report. I inherited debt that I did not know was not being paid, and am hoping to be able to make it right and come to an agreement. As a result of this agreement, I am hoping that we can also agree that this will be a pay for delete settlement and you will contact the credit agencies to have this derogatory mark removed." If you made it through this post, I want to say thank you very much for your time and hope that you can provide me with any advice on how to approach this situation. Having this removed from my credit report would be absolutely amazing for me and my mental "well-being."
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