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  1. I did qualify for the loan, which is why I received it. I did not qualify to remain in the school, but that determination was made after the school accepted the loan and credited to my account. It took them almost two weeks to send it back. I researched the school's academic and financial aid policies and nowhere does it state that the entire loan would be sent back. Also, there is no federal, state or school regulation that requires the ALL loan proceeds to be returned. I think they just did it because they either made a mistake or got lazy and didn't deduct the proper amount before sending
  2. Ok I think you misunderstood part of my post. The $0.00 balance was predicated on nothing because it was issued after I left the school. Also, I read the schools policies and the Department of Educations' and spoke with the lender----There is NO requirement for a school to send back the ENTIRE loan. What most schools do in the above situation is take what the student owes from the bill and return the remainder. This school failed to do so. Also, accord and satisfaction happens when the bill is paid i.e. when the school accepted and credited the loan to my account---hence why I had a 0.00 bala
  3. Almost, I took out the loan in the Spring semester toward the very end to pay for books for Summer classes. So it was a loan taken out in the Spring semester for Summer Semester expenses. The school did not allow students to work for the first year, so loans and scholarships were how most student paid.
  4. Ok so I have a very confusing situation that I hope someone will be able to help me solve or at least point me in the right direction. Sorry for the long post! I took out a school loan from a University I attended in Spring of 2011, the loan was to be repaid from my federal student loan for summer courses I was taking. My loan came in and was credited to my account ( it said I owed nothing and was actually due a refund). When my grades for the Spring semester came in they did not meet the schools academic standards and I was dismissed. The only redeeming thing I could think of from that exp