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  1. Completely understand where you are coming from. The part I do not understand is the way the loan rep phrased it: I have discussed with the lady in credit department. She has simulated your scores with all collections removed, and it still does not change your score through end of 2017... I was hoping to prioritize payments based on his recommendation on loan and instead he came back you can't do anything. Why should I/shouldn't I believe him? I have added a credit card recently, along with a $3K line of credit and that has helped some...but I need to be well in the
  2. Hi folks - You saved me last time with some good advice around dealing with debt collectors. Now, I am back seeking advice on rebuilding my credit - namely because I need a home loan in a relatively expensive area and my current score does not qualify me for anything reasonable. The report they pulled and compiled is attached. The loan company says they've simulated the scores out till Dec 2017 but they do not budge (refer to attachement). I am surprised because, I have relatively little recent debt and most of the other stuff is about to fall off anyways (eg, discover, rent recover, ga p
  3. Thanks debtzapper. I will delve into your links further to try to get the do's and dont's. Given your experience, what do you feel would be the appropriate next steps? Motions/more evidence requests? etc.
  4. Bear with me if this appears incoherent since I am new to the debt lawsuit business. I will try to be a bit elaborate since I don't know what to make of the pre-trial conference. I have been lurking around the last week or two after being hit by a lawsuit to collect on an alleged chase card debt. Howard Lee Schiff is handling this on behalf of Midland funding. I appropriately responded to the summons with diagree and do not know answers to the charges. I then contacted the law office to provide proof of debt but did not receive anything. The pretrial conference today was very interesting (