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  1. @BV80 Thank you! I'll read through the brochure. The attorney did apparently file a renewal recently (I saw this on the MD Case Search web site). @TomnTex Will do. Thank you! @debtzapper Thank you so much! I will reach out to him as well. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. I plan to leave no stone unturned at this point, so your input and advice is very much appreciated!
  2. Thank you, @TomnTex. I've been holding on to that thing for dear life ever since he signed it. I will make some extra copies to be on the safe side.
  3. Hi, @shellieh98. Thank you! If I remember correctly, I tried to get the judgment vacated back then, but the court denied it. I remenber writing something to the court and including my receipt. Sounds like it might be worth trying again? I will also take a look at the link you sent. The thing that's killing me is that I'm 99% sure it's the attorney coming after me and not the repair man. Back when I paid him, he even said he doesn't understand why the attorney won't let it go. Unfortunately, the repair shop no longer exists and I can't find the repair man. I'm sure he'd sign something to put an end to all of this.
  4. Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me because I'm extremely stressed, upset and at my wit's end. Back in 2000, someone backed into my car and I had to have it fixed. The repair man fixed it to perfection, but due to unfortunate financial circumstances, I bounced the check I gave him. He was nice enough to try to wait for me to fix things, but he eventually went to an attorney who obtained a judgment against me. Shortly thereafter, I contacted the repair man. He said all he wanted was the money owed for the fix (the original amount). I went and paid him in cash and he gave me a signed receipt and wrote "Paid in Full". I attempted to show this to the court and to the attorney, but it didnt seem to make a difference. Over the last 15 years, this attorney has tried numerous times to get money out of me. Last week, someone showed up at my house with papers stating that I needed to appear in court with bank statements, etc. I really don't understand this. The repairman (who hired this attorney) considers the debt paid, but yet I'm still being harassed for this money. What can I do? This whole situation has me in tears.
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