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  1. Hey yall, I am talking to a lawyer about this but I wanted to see what yall thought...I got all the court documents on the trail that Stephen p lamb won by default and found out that either they found someone walking around our neighborhood to sign the summons or just flat out forged my uncle uncle is left handed with very sloppy writing...whomever signed that summons had great handwriting...
  2. Really, thanks Clydesmom....I will definitely check into that....
  3. I talked to the clerk and she said it doesn't show that I was served at all...they sued me in 2010 the writ was filed in Nov 2014 and again earlier this year (2015)
  4. For the last couple of weeks, I have been in the market for a vehicle...haven't checked my credit in years because I really had no need to until now, so when I did I find that I have a public records from a Stephen p lamb dinging my credit score....I immediately called the court house to find out what was going on because o received no summons and come to find out that, capital one/Stephen p lamb had filed back in 2010 without my knowledge.. Now I have a writ of garnishment on my credit union any advice would be helpful and keep in mind I haven't received anything other than the writ of garnis