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  1. Thanks. I guess I will just do my best with the interrogatories myself. Don't they need a bill of sale or something that states how much they sold the car for. What do they need to prove that I owe what they say? They are about $2000 off what I owed when they repossessed. I'm not looking to get out of it. I just want to settle for an accurate amount. I know this forum has helped others in this situation.
  2. No help? Am I in right forum? Should I post in the lawyer section?
  3. I was hoping to get some help. I have been on this forum for 10+ years reading how you wonderful people help others. It is inspiring. Now I need some help and hope you can get me through this. I am getting sued in NJ for $4078.01 on a defaulted car loan. When this collector first tried to collect, I sent a debt validation letter in March of 2014. They responded to that more than 1 year later with an account payment history, included with a motion to sue. I answered the suit and received a card from the court that scheduled a non-jury trial for 6-22-15 at 9am. Not sure what to do next. Plaintiff sent Interrogatories, Notice to produce and request for admission at the end of April which I have not answered yet. I am thinking about requesting adjournment. Please help. 20150602115323522.pdf