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  1. @texasrocker thanks again. I sent you a PM if you get a chance to check it. I am just looking for a bit of follow up advice. @Clydesmom I appreciate the input you have provided. All information is helpful. Anything that you may have in addition, if willing, is always invited. Thanks again. I'll keep an eye on my inbox @texasrocker
  2. Hello again, I have received my approval to request discovery. I am following up as you mentioned that there is a specific line of questioning you recommend. Thanks in advance bro. We all have so much sh*t that adds up to keep us busy, I commend you for taking the time to help people with situations such as this. @texasrocker
  3. I see they have a generic request for discovery form on their website, so as long as that will suffice, I will use it. Hopefully, if my assessment of the paperwork they presented is any indication, they don't have much to throw back. I am hoping we can all bow out gracefully before any further action is required. In any case, I appreciate all of your help thus far, and I will update as soon as I see an update on the county site or receive a letter, which will let us know how to proceed. Enjoy your weekend!
  4. Thank you so much. Are you saying that I do not ask for permission in this response? Send this without any of the affirmations that I mentioned, and then follow up with a letter requesting approval for discovery in the same manner? (Notarized copies to court and lawyers)
  5. Please Help, Suit filed by Portfolio Recovery Asignee of Citibank NA The Home Depot Filed as Civil Citation in Justice Court - State of Texas Amount of suit is just under $2,000.00 Count One is for Breach of Contract which states that the issuance of a card constitutes the offer of a contract. Defendant accepted by using and / or authorizing use. Issuer performed obligations by reimbursing. Defendant breached contract by defaulting on the payment, violating the aforementioned "written contract" Count Two is account stated. This was a credit card. Can account stated be used on a credi
  6. Txneedhelp, I received the same a few days ago. A bit under 2k. July 2012. 14 days I was hoping for more help before I respond, but I do know this much. Make sure your reply is notarized, affirming your defense, as they have sent a notarized affirmation. Without a notary public, your defense letter will be junk, and they will receive a default judgement.