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  1. Hmmm...now I don't know if this even belongs to me. As you recall, all I did was enter my name into the docket search of the Justice Court website. My name is pretty broad...like John Smith. I just pulled my credit and see no "LVNV Funding" who is doing the suing. Can I go to the courthouse with the docket number and ask for a copy of the complaint? Not even sure if it belongs to me.
  2. Ok, the judge granted the Motion for Alternative Service. What does this mean, and how should I proceed?
  3. Ruling on Motion Alternative Service |Williams | // Motion Alternative Service | Williams | Filed by Plaintiff 2/21/2017 Motion Extension of Time to Serve | Williams | Filed by Plaintiff 2/21/2017 Ruling on Motion Extension of Time to Serve | Williams |Issued/Ordered 2/22/2017 What does this mean?
  4. Damn! I'm looking at the Justice Court cases and think a suit was filed on 12/9 by LVNV Funding (not 100% its for me since my name is sorta common). I've moved in the past 8 months, so its unlikely that they have my new address (although there are probably new renters living at my old address). Any advice?
  5. I don't have any bank or credit card statements anymore. Also, is it 6 years from my last payment? Or 6 years from 30 days after my last payment?
  6. I know the statue of limitations on a credit card in Arizona is 6 years from when I made my last payment. How do I find out (more importantly, prove) when I made the last payment? On my credit report, under account history I see "30 days past due as of March 2011", but I'm pretty sure my last payment was in December 2010.
  7. Just to clarify, do I file these as 2 separate motions...or 1 motion containing both?
  8. Dumb question...is it mandatory to have a friend fill out a Certificate of Service? Isn't the CMRRR enough? If if the answer is that it is advisable to make one, do I keep this or send it to someone? This first package I'm sending out is my letter to the attorney that I elect private contractual arbitration, a copy of the agreement, and the completed JAMs Demand form
  9. Harry, you are awesome. Thank you for all your help. 2 more questions...as you suggested, I plan on sending Portfolio's attorney's a letter notifying them that I want arbitration, along with the CC agreement. In the same package, can I include the filled out JAMs Demand? I want to get the green slip back quicker in order to send off JAMs paperwork and file the MTD at the same time. Or is it better to wait on sending the attorney the JAMs demand? I figured it would be better sooner than later...show the attorney that i'm moving forward with this, and I can show proof to the court in my MTC that I've initiated with JAMs. And finally, when I do send the JAMs demand, do I just send to just the attorney and/or send to Portfolio?
  10. Does this mean they won't arbitrate if they are trying to collect money?
  11. Its Portfolio Recovery, not Midland. Ok, so use the 2010 one that includes JAMs. I was assuming the 2007 would be a better choice, since it has the full name of the OC printed on it (it was an off label CC serviced by GEMoney). The 2010 is a generic GE Money, which I'm assuming had the same clauses for all their cards. I wish I could find an official website that talked about the name change....all I found was a forum thread on myfico and people noticing the change.
  12. Update...found my original agreement from when the account was opened (2007) for GE Money/American Canine Association, Inc Platinum MasterCard. It has arbitration clause, but the administrators listed are NAF or AAA. No JAMs
  13. ok, apparently GE Money Bank changed its name to GE Capital Retail Bank in October 2011. Even though the default date is 12/2010, the chargeoff isn't until October or November 2011....which is why my CR shows GE Capital Retail as the original creditor. Sooooooo, I should be able to use the GE Money Bank agreement from 2010...that was their entity at the time of default. In the affiditive, do I need to explain the name changes of the companies? (in fact, as of 2014 they are Synchrony, but thats not relevant). Do I need to state where I found this GE Money Bank agreement?
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