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  1. Harry, You are right on point. It was Credit Karma that showed the drop. Should have included that in the post. I will take your advice. Thanks!
  2. Hello All, I recently disputed 6 items on my credit report with Equifax and today I notice the my credit score dropped 5 points. They have the disputed items listed as "Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in progress". Is it normal for the credit score drop as a result of an investigation dispute request? Thanks in advance of replies.
  3. Fisthardcheese, Thanks so much!!!! I will keep you updated on the results of your direction regarding Experian. As for Equifax I will do as you suggested but I thought you were supposed to ignore their request to user their identification form if you have sent in identification initially. Not sure I included that I did that in my original post. Thanks!
  4. All, I decided a month and a half ago to improve my credit. I pulled my credit reports from all 3 and decided to remove/Challenge the negative items in them. I sent each credit bureau a certified receipt letter and received the signed green notification receipt document. Here are my results and hoping I can get help with the next step. Equifax received my request on Jun 18, 2015. (Results -Stated I needed to complete their form to validate my identify. I didn't complete the form and have not heard anything else from them.) What should be my next step? Experian received my request on Jun 22, 2015 (Results - No response from them at all.) What should be my next step? Transunion received my request on Jun 19, 2015 (Results - 3 of 3 of the negative items i submitted have been removed...YES!!!!) i am done with this Credit Bureau. I am sure someone on this forum has been through this. Forgive me as I can't seem to find it but if someone would point me in the right direction I will be grateful. The only direction I need is with Equifax and Experian. Thanks in advance!