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  1. I rememTber asking if I needed to do anything else (aside from making the payment) and they told me no. You'd think that the apartment management would have informed them that I had paid what was owed. Guess that's too much like right. Will aim to speak with a consumer attorney. Thank you
  2. I am going to court to get a copy of documents next week. Need to get this cleared up before I move in March.
  3. Okay so the main form I was looking for isn't with documents. Not sure where it is. I tried pulling up court records, but nothing in system. Going to contact court to get hard copy of files. But I have summons and one other item. I am not sure but they filed request for entry of default on 12/14/11. Isn't that saying that I didn't keep my end of agreement? I have the canceled checked dated 12/28 which was before agreed upon date. I asked if I needed to do anything else and they told me no. The records from court show as below (copied from online access): 01/09/2012 JUDGMENT ENTERED
  4. I'll pull out documents when I get home. Will let you all know what they say.
  5. Just a form that was written up in hallway with attorney's - agreement terms. It was blank, but we filled it out while discussing terms. I have the papers, but need to pull them out. Stated that I'd pay $3600 (approximate) by specific date. That I'd pay the next months rent on the 1st (which I did). If I didn't pay by date agreed (1/1/12), judgement would be entered for all monies due. One other question - if this was in 1/12, how long would it stay on my record? Isn't it due to come off? Does that apply with rental companies?
  6. The documents were written up and signed at court. That's when I asked if I needed to do anything else after I paid. They told me nothing else needed to be done. What I paid included attorney fees/costs.
  7. If understanding you correctly, yes I knew that this showed on court records. One of my posts above is what I copied (online) directly from court records. I've disputed with OnSite and they only changed it to what I pasted above (directly from their report/decision from my disputing). That's the one with the two entries. I'll try to go back to courts or talk to an attorney.
  8. The entry for 2017 is when they removed the judgement. That's when I went back to attorney handling for apartment and showed proof they filed wrong. This is why I am trying to clear this up - I am planning on moving in March. Worried this will be an issue.
  9. Yes. That is exactly what is showing on the report from rental company (I copied it). It was on my credit report, but I was able to get it removed.
  10. In my opinion, the fact that it is even on there. I paid what was agreed prior to the due date and no judgement should have been entered.
  11. I copied what it shows on On-Site rental report they sent me below. Two entries. Landlord Tenant Court Records Date Filed Case Type Court Case Number Notice Type 1/2012 CIVIL ACTION FOR POSSESSION LOS ANGELES CASE NUMBER Judgment Judgment Amount Status Amount Paid DISMISSED 2/14/2017 Defendants NAME Address Comments ADDRESS Plaintiff Plaintiff Phone # NAME ********************************************************************************************************** Date Filed Case Type Court Case Number Notice Type 11/2011 CIVIL ACTION FOR POSSESSION WEST
  12. It used to be on my credit reports, but when it was dismissed they removed it. They show with one of the rental companies I dealt with (On-Site). I have a copy of that. It also came up when qualifying to buy, but not sure what it's showing on.
  13. If I enter the case number, it comes up but shows that it was dismissed. 02/14/2017 ORDER VACATING DEFAULT AND DEFAULT JUDGMENT AGAINST (XXXXXXXXXXXX) SIGNED AND FILED . 02/14/2017 COURT ORDERS CASE DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE
  14. Not being argumentative, but they're reporting the judgment which shouldn't have been entered. I paid what I owed BEFORE the date we agreed to at court. Although it took me sometime, after presenting that information (along with back up documentation) they removed it from my credit reports. I'd like to think that what their listing would be incorrect.