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  1. I'd like to fix this, at least so that I can go back to college in January of 2016. So the credit fix being too slow to help in August is not a complete deal-killer for me.
  2. here's another question. Let's say that I pay off the 1k old loan and the 1k of collections. Doing so likely won't clear up my credit in time for the fall of 2015 clases. today is July1, and the last day to add classes is Aug 21. Sallie mae told me that they'd pay the 7k that I (now) owe the college, directly to the college. If I've somehow paid off the college by myself, will sallie mae still do the loan? the college would just give that money to me.
  3. I used up my GI bill stuff 35years ago.
  4. yes, I was, 40+years ago. I'm 62. The issue is that I took out a 6.5K loan, but dropped classes before the 2 week date for getting a 'w" for withdrawal. Nobody warned me that when you do that, the school pays the DOE and you then owe the SCHOOL ,and they charge 18% interest. A sallie mae loan would cover that for me, but my credit aint good enough, so they tell me. I've got a 40 year old student loan in default, 1k owed on that. So the question is, should I bother to clear up the colllections (about 1k) and the old loan, so that I can go back to school? I'm going to do an 'income driven" revamp of my student loans via fed/loan/servicer,, which defers them indefinitely (altho I have to recertify my 9k per year income each year). but that doesn't pay the 6.5k, nor the other 2k of of collections/default. I an pay those, but then I"ll be broke, so I would HAVE to get the sallie mae loan to cover the school problem. Once I do that, i'll get another 7k of loans from the school. so it's a catch 22 sort of deal.
  5. ok, I have a lot of student loans, which I am consolidating about 20k worth. My ex has a 1st and second mortgaage and a car on my credit, but they've been closed as chareoffs. Do i gain anything from disputing those? they were charged off in 2009, I think that it was, the mortgage was taken out in 2004, the car was bought in 2006. VA is grabbing my little $130 per month disability, still owe about $600 on that. Is there anything i can do about that? I have no credit cards, the only other debt is $570 that some outfit is trying to collect on a $200 cell phone. That was from 2011. What should I do on that one, or is there any point in doing anything? I mean, if the school loans are messing me up anyway, why bother with the cell phone thing ,correct? I think that I"ll get the loans consolidated. One of them is in default ,I'll have ot pay that $1100, I guess? If I want any more school loans, that is.
  6. I asked a specific question, it's the topic heading of this thread. Do student loans count when somebody is evaluating your credit? you can't get rid of student loan debt with a bankruptcy, friend, except in VERY rare hardship cases. I only have bout $1000 of other debt, so no, I"m not going to take a bankruptcy. Can somebody please tell me how to get info on an old student loan, which is not showing on my current credit report? I know that it's active, they were bugging me about it recently, and my school won't renew my loans and grants until that old one is paid.
  7. I ASSUME that "CA " is credit agency, and OC is original creditor, but hey, Compostition class said that in any essay, if you use an Acronym, you FIRST fully write it out. Why make your readers jump all over this site to discover the definition of what they are reading about?
  8. I had to drop out of spring Jan2015 classes, and now I might not be able to attend Aug clases,, either. Nobody told me that if I took the 6.5k of loans this past Jan, but didn't wait long enough to get a W grade for withdrawing, that I'd owe the COLLEGE (insted of the feds) at 18% and that I MUST pay or never again get into college or get a loan. 7 of the 9 student loans (18k total) come due on aug 15. I"ve started a consolidation loan for those, but haven't committed ot it yet. Any reason not to consolidate the loans? Can I just ask for another 6 months of deferral? I WILL be back in college in January of 2016, without fail. But I"m trying to be back for August of 2015 Wells fargo private student loans will give me the 7k that I need in august, BUT I have to clear up my credit. I had a bankruptcy but it was 30 years ago. My wife got solme credit in my name, while I was in prison, and bought a house and car, which she lost and which have been charged off and re-sold. That was in 2006-2009. I divorced her 6 months ago. She has some other open lines of credit, with no balance and no lates, unused. I personally owe the VA $800 on an overpayment of a GI class, which tyey are seizing my $130 per month disability check as repayment. I"ve got a collection, about $600 on a $200 smartphone, from 4 years ago. Taht's it. how should i proceed?
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