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  1. Hello, I got my first credit card in 2012. For the first year I was paying it off just off fine, I was working on building credit. In August 2013 I moved from Nevada to California and lost my job shortly after. So I ended up having to use that credit card until I got a new job a two months later. On top of the credit card I have a card payment(under my moms name) that I had to always pay. Also a student loan that lets me pay very little. With my new job I wasn't making nearly enough to pay for everything. So I had to stop paying my credit card. I've had a rough few years trying to pay for the basics while working a low paying job. I'm finally to the point when I can pay off my old debt. Last year I got two letters from the collection agency that now has my debt. However because of moving a few times I haven't been able to find the letters they sent me. I'm not quite sure what to do now. I really want to pay it off, so I can start working on getting my credit back up. Would I be able to call my old credit card company and figure out what collection agency has my debt? Thank you for your time.