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  1. My husband and I are seriously considering bankruptcy as we have debt that we just cannot afford to pay as our financial situations have changed from what it used to be. I was recently served a citation from a JDB, and have file my general denial answer. My big question is we have a house, my mother and 15 yr old daughter are currently living there as we have moved (for now) for my husbands job. Will we be able to keep our house? I have looked up the homestead rules for Texas, but I am unclear on our particular situation. We do not want to lose our house as we will be moving back, we just don't know when. Also we are renting an apartment where we are right now and mother is making mortgage payment. Going to talk to lawyer soon, just need a little help calming my nerves.
  2. OK, I have filed my answer with the court as of yesterday, and sent a copy to the Plaintiff. Now my question is how ans when can I ask for discovery? @texasrocker @shellieh98
  3. Is this good? Or should I also add the Court info on the top too DOCKET NO. XXXXXXXX MIDLAND FUNDING LLC KATHERINE ALLEN, Attorney VS. XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXX XX **I found the information I needed to answer my own question**
  4. Alright, Thank you very much for the help. I really do appreciate it. At the top of the Answer should I put the docket number and name of the attorney and myself just as it is on the papers that I received? @texasrocker
  5. Below I have attached a better file of the citation... pdf002 word.docx
  6. On Friday I received a citation from a process server and was told that I have 14 days to answer. The person tried to tell me her daughter got the same thing and to call and try to negotiate with the lawyer. The company suing me is Midland Funding LLC and the lawyer is Katherine Allen. I am going to attach the file. Also included was a statement from I assume the original creditor and papers that said bill of sale, however those had no specific information on them and a wrong address. I need some assistance as to how to answer the citation so that there is not an automatic judgement awarded to the plaintiff. CITATION.docx