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  1. Most utility companies don't report payment history on your credit report unless it goes into delinquency.. You would see it if Sprint's internal collection dept. was processing the collection. But since they most likely sold it to a debt collector you will only see the debt collection on the report.
  2. Re aging a debt is totally illegal and is in violation of the FDCPA. Pull your credit reports from all 3 bureaus and check for date of first delinquency. If you have not made any payments on it since that date plus 6 months to go into derogatory status , by law it has to fall off your report in 7.5 yrs from the FDOD. Send certified letter to the CA that they are in violation of the FDCPA and have 15 days to remove the item from your report or you will file suit. If you get no response , contact an attorney. Best of Luck, Joe
  3. 1. During any correspondence with the CA never admit to owning the debt. 2. If the aforementioned debt is past the Statute of Limitations in your State of Florida which is 5 years the CA or original Creditor cannot sue you to collect the debt. They can, however, continue to try to collect from you. 3. By certified mail send the CA a Cease and Desist letter which states you wish no further contact from them regarding this matter due to the fact that it is beyond the Statute of Limitations to collect the debt from you by any legal means. 4. Even though they may not have legal means t