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  1. The OC was a Barclays Bank Delaware credit card account. From the records, it appears the last year the account was in good standing was 2011. I found a generic Credit Card Agreement for Barclays on the CFPB website which includes the language for private arbitration, but does that agreement apply to all Barclays credit card accounts? Also, are you aware of any cases being dismissed by the debt buyer's attorney because of private arbitration? Thanks.
  2. Has anyone won in the Magistrate Court in DeKalb County, Georgia recently? I'm trying to determine a strategy because my research shows that the judge in that court typically allows all of the debt buyer's attorney's paperwork through the sworn affidavit, making it harder to wage a winnable defense. Thank you in advance for any advice or tips.
  3. The scary thing is the judge didn't know or care about Georgia state law. He said the Bill of Sale was proof of assignment and standing for the JDB. When I pointed out several laws from the Georgia Court of Appeals that contradicted that, he said he wasn't familiar with those laws and that I had probably misunderstood them. I was speechless, but I had a feeling he was going to rule against the JDBs Affidavit, so I kept my mouth shut. Luckily for me, the previous Defendant had attacked the Affidavit based on GA hearsay law, but the judge said as long as the Affidavit said "personal knowledge"
  4. The amount is $2,200, so hopefully that is low enough for them to leave me alone.
  5. I Won a judgment against a junk debt buyer in GA, but I am still concerned. I just want to be sure I understand that the JDB cannot sue me again for this debt, correct? Has anyone ever heard of a JDB filing an appeal with the GA Court of Appeals? The opposing attorney was very unpleasant, as expected, but he seemed especially angry when the judge ruled against him. I won only on a technicality, so I'm not sure if the judgment could be overturned by the appellate court. I know I probably shouldn't worry, but that attorney was really angry; I don't think he had ever lost before that judge