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  1. I received a dismissed with prejudice on both of these PRA TLs on Saturday.
  2. I am referring to PRA's TL on my credit report. They show as $0 balance but still open.
  3. @BV80 @debtzapper Howdy.... I am back albeit briefly. Since I posted here last I have found out that my dad has terminal cancer. We are trying to make up for lots of lost time...and still won't get enough. That is nothing the board can help with. What I do need help with...I have two accounts with PRA that hit and I wasn't able to focus and fight them...and lost. I have paid them in full about 45 days ago and they are still on my CR as open but showing a $0 balance. Shouldn't they change to paid or closed or something? Thanks in advance for your help/concerns.
  4. The accounts related to the disputes may have been older accounts with long histories. I had one that was 17 years old but was just recently became a problem. When I beat the JDB and they removed their entry, it removed the original account to and that caused my score to drop.
  5. Yes, it does. But I haven't heard of many seeing a debt again, at least not from the same JDB. Congratulations on your win!
  6. Have one written and take it with you in case he tells you it has to be in writing.
  7. Credit report shows charged off and the amount is higher than the 1099-C. The code on the 1099-c is G which says it was due to a decision to cease collections. The issue date of the 1099-C is exactly 3 years and 1 day after the last payment date. I have asked the credit bureau to verify it 3 times now and each time it has come back as verified. By the way, this is Chase.
  8. Let me get this straight... If you have received a 1099-C from the OC, and have asked the credit union to verify the details and it came back as verified and is still listing a balance that is not 0; file a lawsuit and have fun with it?
  9. Typical Midland...they put the responsibility on the consumer to contact them to get the lien off of their property. " If Midland has a judgment lien in place against your property in connection with your account that you would like removed, please contact Midland directly at 800 825-8131 ext. 33062." This came from the KCC website.
  10. The problem is, I have received a 1099-c from a creditor who sold it off about 18 months later and the JDB filed the lawsuit. I have been trying to see how to attack such an issue.
  11. @BV80 @nascar The affidavit just says in para 5 "The documents attached..." How can that fly? They could attach all kinds of stuff and the affiant has sworn that she has reviewed them and did it under penalty of perjury. Is that a valid point to attack? Ask her to testify to what she attached to the affidavit?
  12. @fisthardcheese Counts as a violation if they aren't reporting it closed and paid right?
  13. Worse yet, how many of those consumers are involved in litigation that will complete before any of the affected companies content them. Then the Consumer won't get contacted because their matter was settled, albeit after the order so there is no need in the opinion of the company to contact them.
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