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  1. Well, it is mostly a success. I had an old charge off with AMEX that was assigned to Central Credit. Total owed was about $4k. Central Credit uses an Indian call center to handle collections (as does AMEX). It took me about 30 minutes to negotiate a full settlement for $1,500. They are pkeasant, but really stubborn. I finally got the initial CSR to admit that he had no do anything. I told him that I had $1,200 to use and someone else was going to get it. I was immediately put on with a "supervisor". He agreed to $1,500 for an indication of "Paid in Full". I pushed for a
  2. UPDATE - I did pull the lawyer card, but in a different way. I looked up one of the assistant general counsels for Equifax on LinkedIn and figured out her email. I sent her a very pleasant ail asking her to point me in the right direction as I didn't want this false report to cause problems with my bar application in another state. (Which is the truth) Two days later I was contacted by the VP of Executive Consumer Services who told me she was removing it immediately. As of today, it's gone.
  3. I had a 30, 60, 90 day late reported on my Student loans. It happened because I had signed up for auto payments and foolishly didn't check to see if the payments were actually being withdrawn. I paid them current and have been for 18 months. Like you, I'm repairing a few credit mistakes. I e-mailed a GW letter to my servicer and they denied it. I then called them and told them the reason for the late payments was a failed attempt at auto-payment and they agreed immediately to do a "one time" courtesy removal. It added 30 pts to my score and I'll never have to address the late payment i
  4. First post for me in a long while. I was a member here many years ago. I have a pretty good handle on most credit repair topics, but have run into one that I haven't experienced before. I have a judgment showing up on my reports with Equifax and TransUnion. it is not my judgment. My landlord was sued for foreclosure due to non-payment of her condo fees. In these instances, the association also has to sue anyone that has an interest in the property, which includes the tenants. The reason being is that if they foreclose, they extinguish everyone's right to own or occupy the property. Th