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  1. Ask for a blank copy of the contract they expect her to sign. @Clydesmom While I was at work she signed the contract electronically while on the phone with the guy. She said he explained everything and that it made sense to her so she signed away. I came home and saw the contract, but I'm not a lawyer so I didn't fully comprehend what i was reading. It does say she has 5 days to cancel the contract so that is why I posted this. I think she should cancel it and avoid a potential disaster, I just wanted the opinions of others who maybe have heard of this company. Under the Nationwid
  2. I'm posting this on behalf of my girlfriend who is waaay too trustworthy to random people on the phone that "sound nice". She has about 20k worth of credit card debt. She is considering filing for chapter 7. In the meantime, she got a letter in the mail the other day that said how much debt she has and how they can knock off 70% of that debt and have her only paying around 6K by the end of it all. She received a free consultation and this guy basically said that if she pays them $329 a month for 22 months, she will be debt free at the end of the 22 months. The company's name is US Enrollmen