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  1. Yes, of course they have the bank info. They use a third party bank acct and automatically withdraw from checking account. Your reply doesn't sound good since they have this information.
  2. Call is in to debt settlement group to opt out. Luckily they provide a 30-day trial no strings attached.....so they say. Also put a call and message into a few BK lawyers in the area for a free consultation. Thanks for replying willingtocope, really appreciate your time.
  3. Hi, my name is Steve and my wife and I are in a real financial jam and are seeking financial advice. Here is our situation in a nutshell: We found ourselves having a tough time keeping up with monthly bills and 5 credit cards were maxed out or close to being maxed out. We reached out to a popular debt settlement group. I will just provide nice round numbers for ease of things. They were able to get us a monthly payment figure of $700 which is the same amount we were already paying minimums on all 5 credit cards. So we get approved for this and they send us a package with financial hardship w