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  1. Hello all. I just called a couple phone numbers for my (at&t universal card). I would like to try and get them to lower my minimum monthly payment. Possible by half. The last number I called, the lady said the only way I could try and talk to some one about that is when there collection people would call and then try to set something up. But I'm not behinde in payments. She said Im in good standing yet. I asked her for the collections number, and she said she was unable to do that. Hah,, in other words I would have to on purpose miss a payment to get to talk to the collections. I'm trying not to messup my good standing with any of my credit cards. In an old post here before I joined this forum, I read something about (citybank, at&t universal, OSI collections) but no phone number. Is that a number I can call. Even though I am not behinde in payments. I going to try my different card companys to lower my mininum payments. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks