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  1. No, it's not automatically taken out. I'm just wondering since they have garnishment order at my bank if they can claim payments I try to make on my mortgage? Good news today...was able to withdraw my minimum $500 this morning (had to try) then went and bought a bunch of packs of gum at the store and got $100 cash back with each transaction so effectively drained my account. Don't know why account wasn't frozen. I thought it was since there was a $35 charge which made my account negative before my paycheck was deposited. The charge said "memo WA garnish order". I'm just hoping to make it
  2. Didn't have 20 days. My bank account was frozen today and I couldn't stop direct deposit of my paycheck tomorrow so I'll have no money to support my family for two weeks. According to WA state law, $500 is supposed to be exempt because my account will have less than $1500 in it but don't know when that will be available. My mortgage is due and I wonder if any payment I try to make will be taken by the collectors.
  3. Against All Odds, Thank you for your response. Would the 20 days begin the day I signed for the certified letters or the dates on the court docs? One court document says July 10 and the other July 15. They didn't attempt to deliver to me until two days ago. The papers were also mailed to my bank and former employer. Also, if they can't take my money, can't the bank freeze my account right away before the 20 days are up?
  4. Also, would this garnish any mortgage payments I attempt to make at this bank?
  5. I just received a copy of an "application for writ of garnishment" of my bank account in Washington State. Along with an "application for writ of garnishment" for a former employer. The filing date was about a month ago. The actual certified letters I received today after attempted delivery two days ago. They say I have 20 days to respond. This is with Portfolio recovery associates. They already have a judgement because I didn't respond to the summons thinking it was fake after looking through court cases by name search at the time. Turned out my name was spelled wrong in the system so i