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  1. Hello! I am very frustrated trying to figure out what I am supposed to do. I graduated at the end of March I actually even had classes past that time but the anticipated graduation date was 3/31/15 although due to some cancelled classes etc it went further into April. The school apparently had sent my graduation date as December by accident? So I got an email saying that I need to start paying back my loans when I should still have another couple months before this starts, and I am going to be starting school again in the fall so I was going to put the loan on deferment. So the financial aid lady at my school called Sallie Mae and apparently they said that once the loan is put into repayment mode there is nothing you can do and you cannot make changes. That is 2-3 months of interest that I have to pay that I shouldn't have to since interest doesn't start until graduation date, and they are asking me to make a payment due in 3 days that I cannot afford. What steps can be taken from here? How does one get their graduation date changed. If nothing can be done is my school responsible for anything since it is their mistake?