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  1. Thanks, but their website keeps giving me an error msg. I was wondering what other free legal aid resources I may have in Los Angeles. The main issue is that I cannot afford the gas, and so even a small drive is quite expensive to me.
  2. Both Pasadena Court and Chtsworth Court are in the LA county, was the lawfirm required to file it in Pasadena (closest place where i live) or either one works for the CA laws?
  3. The website says that I was served last friday, but i was never served! Also, the closed court to me is in Pasadena, not Chatsworth
  4. Hi guys, I need some urgent help with this case. I am not a lawyer and thus quite scared of what is happening. Few days ago i received a letter from a legal aid stating that I was the defendant in a lawsuit case (credit card debt). I used the case number they gave me and checked, and indeed there is a lawsuit against me. Today, about 10 days later, I find that: 09/10/2015 PROOF OF SERVICE OF SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT FILED. SERVED AS TO (XXXXXX, YYYYYYY). but i never received anything!!!! and my wife, who has lost her job is at home all day and she never got anything!!! What should i do
  5. Thank you very much for your answer, so relieving!! Also, I am looking thruogh the many posts on this forum, and I have just started preparing my answer, however each time i try to access a file (posted by Homeless in CA or Girl111) i get an error message; anybody knows if those files are still availabe?
  6. Hi guys, I hope somebody can answer my question. Few days ago I received a letter from a Non-profit 501©3 company claiming that a lawsuit was filed against me; they listed he case number. Indeed, after I checked the case number, a lawsuit by the Winn Law Group against me has been filed with the LA Superior court. Total amount ~ $7,100 So first question: how do they know that? Anyhow, when I checked the online "Case Summary" I found this: Case Summary Case Number: XXYYNN CAVALRY SPV
  7. @Clydesmom: that is true, they can obtain a judgement if they prove I own them the debt, and even in that case, because my credit is already in the trash I can just file for bankruptcy. Also, if I read it right, because I can prove I have zero (really zero!) money (zero income and zero properties) I think I qualify for no-fee bankruptcy. But I will let them first file the lawsuit, and then I will file for bankruptcy: at least the State of California will make few bucks from these morally driven lawyers!
  8. Hy guys, I have been reading a lot on this forum and I want to thank all those who brought a beam of hope into the lives of many people! Thanks! This is my issue: on July 9 I received a letter from a law group, signed and dated by a lawyer July 6 2015, informing me of their "Intention to file litigation....". They informed me that I had 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt. On August 3rd, I sent a letter (didn't think to make it certified!) to the law firm. Today, August 9, I receive another letter from the same law firm (dated and signed Aug 6) stating they have "Intention to file