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  1. Yes, it was the court that granted the MTD/MTC. I think thats a good idea for me to pay the $250 and initiate arb. Thanks. My hope is that the SOL is in play before anything else comes up. Thanks
  2. So received the dismissal form from the court. It only states that the honorable judge reviewed the card agreement and grants the defendants motion to arbitrate so this court dismisses and vacates all hearings. So not very in depth answer....
  3. I believe a big part was they didn't respond within the ten days. At first the clerk stated that they had till a certain date, in which I opposed and said that is later than the ten day response time. She informed me that if I had a return receipt that I can file that and she will give the judge the motion. Sure enough I did have a receipt and the judge was given my motion to what I believe was before the plaintiff sent any response. I could be wrong, but that is what I believe happened.
  4. The docket was from the Justice court website. Thanks so much again for everyones help. The clerk said that she was sending the dismissal to me and the Plaintiff, so hopefully I receive that in the mail today or tomorrow and can see the specifics of the dismissal. Thanks
  5. So just got a call from Clerk today saying that the FIA suit was dismissed and all hearings have been vacated. Does this mean its over for this suit? Thanks so much for your help and especially Shellieh who sent me the outline for the Answer and Motion. Thank you thank you thank you
  6. This is what is on the county justice court website so far, I guess I will be calling tomorrow to see the status of my motion. 3/8/2016 TK: CV CLK - START INACTIVE 9/8/2015 TK: CV CLK CHECK FILE 9/2/2015 HEARING VACATED: 09/08/2015 AT 8:00AM IN COURT ROOM P 1 9/2/2015 HEARING VACATED: 09/08/2015 AT 8:00AM IN COURT ROOM D 1 9/1/2015 ACCEPTANCE OF SERVICE FILED P 1 8/24/2015 MEDIATION HEARING SCHEDULED ON 11/20/2015 AT 9:00AM IN COUR D 1 8/24/2015 MEDIATION HEARING SCHEDULED ON 11/20/2015 AT 9:00AM IN COUR P 1 8/24/2015 MEDIATION HEARING SCHEDULED ON 11/20/2015 AT 9:00AM IN COUR AT1 8/24/2015 ARBITRATION REQUESTED D 1 8/21/2015 ARBITRATION REQUESTED D 1 8/21/2015 CIVIL ANSWER FILED D 1 8/21/2015 Receipt# P00000140 generated for the amount of $ 37.00 D 1 8/21/2015 MISCELLANEOUS CLERKS FEE IMPOSED D 1 8/21/2015 Receipt# P00000141 generated for the amount of $ 25.00 D 1 5/7/2015 FUND: BASE FEES P 1
  7. Thats correct I don't have any disclosures, when would an appropriate time be to follow up on the motion. Thanks so much shellieh for your help.
  8. I am drafting up my answer for citibank So with the summons from Midland/citibank the first list is RECITALS, are these something that I need to send a response/answer to. They don't seem like allegations like the BoA summons so not sure how I would respond to them or should I just respond to the two counts? Thanks
  9. So I know received in the mail a letter from the court with the following deadlines. Disclosure Statement - 10/08/2015 Discovery completion date - 10/28/2015 Mediation scheduled - 11/20/2015 (this is the courts mediation not JAMS) Trial - tbd Should I be sending a response to this, it seems like it was an automated letter sent out to me and not really a response to my motion. Thanks
  10. I believe I'm going to do the same process I did with BOA. Elect Arbitration and send to attorney File my answer claiming I want arbitration. MTD/MTC for AAA Mail answer and MTD/MTC to attorney. Is this the right process?
  11. The card was opened in 2008 and last payment 2009? Any ideas on which card agreement would hold up. So far found 2007 or 2013
  12. Also, I believe the date for sol was 08/2009 and they filed the suit a month ago so I believe they are within the SOL period.
  13. I have no idea weather it was a master or visa, the debt was from a fred meyer that my husband and I used for our wedding rings, then my husband wasn't able to get a job with the government freeze so thats when we couldn't make our card payments. How would I go about finding what kinds of agreement it was so I know which card agreement to use. I know it was a retail card but I don't have any other info. Thanks again for all your help.
  14. So, if the card agreement that cliff2009 sent is the correct one, I should be able to: Elect arbitration CMRR to attorney MTD/MTC file with court and CMRR to attorney File answer, stating that I have elected arbitration, file with court and CMRR to attorney File with JAMS Is this the correction course of action.
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