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  1. My niece is now 19 and lives in California. She applied for a credit card when she turned 18 and found numerous negative items on her credit report. To be perfectly honest, half of them she has no clue about and about half were done by her own mother. Because of her mother's immaturity level among other things, her children have been removed from the home and are foster children. She does not want to file a police report and have anyone come after her mother. Most of the items were done about three to six years ago. My niece thought she would wait it out and then another item popped up about a year before she turned 18. I told her if her mother (or anyone else) does anything like that again, it doesn't matter how much she loves her mother, she has to protect her credit. As soon as she found out, she put a block on her credit. We tried getting her a new social security number, but long story short they told us it was not possible. She has about eight negative items on her credit report. She was able to remove three by simply disputing them and calling the company. Question: If she was a minor, does she have to file a police report to get this off her credit report? I feel so bad for her, but I really don't know how to help her.
  2. My short story: I was sued by a creditor last year. I was lucky enough to find this site online. The people on this site were amazing in helping me figure out what to do and understand all the legal stuff. I want to thank you all for everything. There is NO way I would have been able to understand what was going on and how to fight the lawsuit on my own. My credit score is now 711! It was in the low 600's last year. Anyway, just wanted to say I am grateful to all of you who give so much of your time and information to help people on this site.
  3. Ok. I understand. Yes I know that it is used in criminal cases. I was just noting that I had found it several times online when referring to reporting the same debt multiple times. These articles are dated very recently. It may be the case that it is a new term that people are trying to make popular. I don't know. All I know is that I found the term online. I realize that this is not a legal term for credit card debt. Thank you for helping me with this question
  4. Thank you so much for clarifying. I have found conflicting information about this online. Also, I found the term "double jeopardy" several times while googling this topic. This article states that this situation is "sometime referred to as 'double jeopardy.' http://blog.credit.com/2015/06/debt-collectors-off-credit-report-easier-117509/ ..."If you don’t pay a collection account, it may wind up with a second — or third — collection agency, resulting in multiple negative items on your credit reports. Sometimes referred to as “double jeopardy,” two or three collection accounts for the same debt can affect your credit scores" This one refers to the term as well: http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/General-Credit-Topics/Double-Jeopardy-on-Charged-Off-Debt/td-p/2330511
  5. Hello, I just have a general question that I haven't found an answer to. Can the original creditor and the company that bought the debt, both put the same debt on your credit report? What if the lawsuit for the debt was dismissed and the negative credit entry removed from the credit report by the JDB? Can the original creditor continue to report that debt on your credit report. Just Wondering. Thanks in advance.
  6. Oh. I forgot to say: Yes. It was a recording on my answering machine and Yes I did research AWA and it is a legitimate company, but I now believe the call has no connection to AWA collections.
  7. Thank you all so much! I looked up the number online and it does look like a scam! I never would have guessed it was a scam. I never would have sent money, but I also never even considered the possibility that it could be anyone other than a creditor. Apparently there are a lot of other people who have received the same phone call and they have been told that it was the IRS calling or a debt collector. I was wondering why a creditor would send a message with such poor grammar. This is where people have commented on the number: http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-347-273-6028 I will definitely keep you all posted on how this situation turns out. Hoping to slide past SOL. Thank you all again so very much!
  8. Original Creditor: Two Jinn Inc. Debt Collector: AWA Collections I have one final creditor on my credit report. Recently, I disputed an item on my credit report because I sincerely thought it was not my debt. It seems it initiated them coming after me. Or maybe they just decided it was time to really go after me (who knows). I have less than two months before SOL. Today I received a call (twice in the same day) with a message saying "....has been filed on your name. So before we go with legal matter and send this case to the local county court house, kindly call us back on our number which is...(they give a number to call)." The message has no beginning it just starts with "... has been filed on your name..." QUESTIONS: * Should I just continue to lay low? * Is this an official notice that they are about to sue me? I thought it had to be in writing.
  9. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me all through this stressful ordeal. I appreciate each and every one of you. I will no longer be posting anything else on this thread.
  10. Just like this person I have two months before SOL on a debt. I have not received a letter of intent to sue. I did dispute the debt. I know you advised this person to elect arbitration. Would this be true for someone who has not yet received a letter of intent to sue but is approaching SOL and is trying to get past SOL without being sued? (Sorry for not starting a new thread, but I think this question ties in to what this thread is about). Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok. I see what you mean. The response to Discovery is dated November 5th. That means I have until December 20th to Motion to Compel. I have about 15 days left.
  12. Sorry I'm a little confused. I sent the original Discovery early October. I sent the Meet and Confer for Request for Production of Documents (Discovery) mid November. I received a call at the end of November. Then an offer to possibly dismiss on that same day. If I count from early October, it is way past the 45 day time limit, but that is because they waited until the very last minute to send me a response. The response was that they objected to almost everything and they sent me duplicates of everything they had already sent me. They also included a statement from a representative "verifying" the information they sent me. If I am counting from the day I sent the Meet and Confer for Discovery Request, i believe that would be late December. Late November was their deadline to send me a response to the Meet and Confer for Discovery. I believe the deadline for me to send the Motion to Compel is Early January, based on this information. Thank you so much, everyone for your help!
  13. This is an update and a few questions: I was offered a settlement for much, much less than the original amount. When I declined due to lack of financial ability, I was asked to send proof of my financial situation with the possibility that my case might be dismissed. I have not heard back at all after sending proof of my financial situation. I have a confirmation that it was received. Question: How long do I have to do a Motion to Compel after not receiving anything for the Meet and Confer for Discovery? I'm thinking it's 30 days, but I just want to make sure. It has been about two weeks since I sent the information. Are they just stringing me along? Why haven't they sent me a request for Discovery?
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