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  1. I have a charge off showing a past due balance with a monthly payment. Last date of delinquency 7/2009 due to drop off 6/2016. Is there anything I can do to get this corrected?? Or removed earlier. I requested an early exclusion with credit bureau but they say its too early. I plan to call the OC today and see if they still owned the debt? Suggestions?????
  2. Should I send Equifax a copy of my Transunion report showing account closed?
  3. The CA isn't listed on any of my credit reports. At one point in time they were but I disputed debt validation and it got removed years ago! SOL my state is 3 years Loan type other Condition open on Equifax closed Transunion
  4. I have a charge off account with a credit union that is due to drop off my report 6/2016. On my Equifax report it's listed as open with a past due balance. On my Transunion report it shows as closed. Experience not reporting. How do I correct this with Equifax? I've disputed, filed a BBB, and CFPB. Equifax recently sent report saying the account is reporting correctly and it's not closed. This account is with an outside collection agency. Why am I being punish twice? I've contacted the original creditor and all they do is direct me to OCA. Help please this is holding down my Equifax score. fico scores Equifax 601 Transunion 676 Experian 686
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