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  1. Hello, Midland sued me in California back in July 2015. I fought the case, and they dismissed the case without prejudice before submitting their documents that I requested. The alleged account was a Sears credit card on which the last payment (according to the statements provided in the law suit) was paid in June 2013. The two statements that Midland sent with the Summons and Complaint was a July 2013 statement from Sears (which would have been the first missed payment on the account) and a March 2014 statement from Sears. My credit report shows that Midland opened the account in J
  2. Thank you all so much! I am a lurker. I got hit with a suit from Midland through Hunt and Henriques. I followed the playbook set forth by Seadragon and ASTMedic. They sent a Summons/Complaint. I sent a BOP followed by a general denial. They sent their discovery. And I answered them (thanks to others who gave their input). I sent my discovery. 30 days pass... no answer... until today. I got a request for dismissal. They're folding. Happy Thanksgiving to me. And, I am thankful for all of you and the help you give here. You peeps are awesome.