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  1. OK - From the beginning: 1. Received Summons, filed on 6.18.15 , served on 7.2.15; mailed answers downloaded via court provided pdf on 7.20.15 2. Complaint and Answers as follows: Midland LLC Original Creditor: TARGET NATIONAL BANK Plaintiff vs. familyjules47 Wellfed, Windbag & Grease Attorney: Too Many Beers Rubber Stamped: There is no other pending... yata yata issue in this complaint. Complaint/and answer 1. The Plaintiff is the owner of the within CC account through Purchase, bearing account #000. Checkmarked: Do not know if the statement in paragraph 1 are true
  2. I am in the midst of litigation w/Midland. Served by PRA on 8/22. I have read and reread many of the threads.It is all sinking in. I have copied and pasted salient points, as I consider if they are of value to my responses apropos to my case. I have saved many samples from this site and refer back to numerous Michigan posters, yet I am in need of a few tips, tweeks and wisdom am searching this site for the following: Format - Looking for a straight forward Style Rules for Michigan Civil Court. Language - proper phrasing Example of Request for Documents... Any experience as a Defenda
  3. I'm here in Michigan too. While grappling with a Midland Funding suit, I just received a summons from Portfolio Recovery Assoc (PRA). I came a little late to this party, so w/regard to Midland I am in the discovery process. We had a pre-trial last Friday 8/21, a crappy settlement was offered. It was just the two of us in a conference room, no judge. The lawyer for Weltman and Windbag etc requested 60 days for discovery and then Motion for Summary Judgment 30 days after close of discovery. Prior to the pre-conference hearing, I received a witness list, with enumerated exhibits and witne