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  1. thanks for the help!! I kid you not, I got letter in the mail today offering 40% off lol
  2. Hello Everyone, This board helped me out tremendously against Midland in the past. I have a couple quick questions (hopefully) about a couple different things. 1. I have an charged off item on my credit report that lists 7/2009 as the last payment to the OC (Chase). The debt was sold to midland a couple years back. I am in Michigan, so the SOL is 6 years. Does this mean if Midland were to sue, I would have a good chance to have any potential case dismissed as they are now time-barred and past SOL? (assuming I have not restarted the time?) 2. Should I still send out a DV at this point if its past that SOL or should I send them something else when they inevitably mail/call me? (I have not been contacted yet, well maybe via them leaving a voicemail but I'm not sure if it was them. I don't answer calls from random numbers) Trying to get ahead of the game and set them up for future violations. If you need more info please let me know. Thank you all so much!
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