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  1. Hey. Just wanted to say I "won" my case today. By "won",I mean had it dismissed with prejudice. This was on the day of trial after following all that you guys said including subpoena,MIL,etc. I dropped the ball a few times along the way,but it ended up working out. I am not pursuing costs or my own lawsuits at the time, but I did make sure these people will never come back and am satisfied. I want to give you guys the whole narrative soon and will.But,I also know what it's like to be in the middle of all this and just wonder if you can do it or be losing faith,so I decided to post this right away for that person that may have been on the fence and/or doubting themselves like me. Thanks @ASTMedic @Seadragon @calawyer and anyone else that helped.This has really saved my butt and been better than any attorney. In the meantime,I wanted to link to this: http://www.courts.ca.gov/partners/documents/2011SRL5eResurgence.pdf If you decide to use SOL defense,this is a good reference to avoid 4 /choice of law clauses from the JDB.I didn't end up finding it until the day of almost,but I thought it was helpful. Also there is a guy on YT named MarvinArizona that I believe is a forum member.I learned a lot watching his response vid: Hmmm, what else...? The rest you guys have covered and I will tell the story in a few.I'm just kind of coming down from it all and don't want to miss any of the juicy stuff.I love your guys stories and want to do this one justice.Talk soon. - Nancy Q Su (ps this is the name of the attorney working for Resurgence Legal Group,I find this tidbit to be more entertaining after winning,now do your job Google SEO!!).
  2. Was heading to court and the regular way I use for traveling was flooded.Took the freeway after going midway to court and get to a 130P CMC at 157P after parking.The case was called,the doors were locked.Went downstairs and the baliff was unable to tell me anything but to call back in a few days. I have a trial readiness conf. that was set for April 4,and trial on April 15.Do I still attend those?Should I expect a fine?Did I get summary judgement?I'm ready to win this case and have been on top of my evidence and dates until present and not missed any court dates.I want to fight and I want to win.
  3. I think she was handling another judge's CMC , so it should be a different judge who specializes in this I believe. Thank you.
  4. Update.It is a second CMC they are scheduling for late this month.Did not know there could be a second one!
  5. From the bench.She sent me to the back and suggested I talk to the lawyer and then have the other legal people Meet and Confer with me. Trial has not been set, I'm being sent to another judge next month who will schedule trial (poss in 2015 or early 2016).
  6. Hello.I've been reading the forums and have been folling a lot of what @calawyer @Seadragon and @ASTMedic posted about debt...I attended my CMC today and was told after mentioning discovery that "they didn't understand what I needed to discover" and I was a bit lost.Was then taken to a conference room and a rent a lawyer suggested a meet and confer and took down my cell phone info with a trial date (I think scheduling date for another judge) is on 10/26. To be honest I was a bit intimidated by the process and it felt more like Simon Says with people that know the law and just want you out and paying them as soon as possible. I've followed a lot of what was suggested, such as admissions and interrogatory responses and pleaded a general denial.I was asked if I opened a card and said yes, but didn't recall the numbers or the rubbish I was presented.The judge then stated that if I owe the debt I should settle to avoid attorney fees because the small records supplied may be enough to prove the debt and ownership is valid. I don't want to give up and I didn't like how it felt losing to a rent a lawyer and not being as well versed in how to say what I wanted (the rent a lawyer also represented Midland earlier and seems to be a regualr and know the judge), it just felt slimy.Any help or suggestions? Just sent out a BOP and request for discovery today without CMRR (was frazzled) and now worrying about cleaning up my act before trial. Thanks.
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