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  1. Found out it was for husbands Dad. Victim of identity fraud CC was taken out in Salt Lake City Neither has ever lived there. Phew, it's not over but at least it's not our debt.
  2. My husband is in a similar situation. The solicitation letter was sent to his parents home but we live in TX. The suit is filed in CA. How should we proceed? The debt is over 8 yrs old. What is sewer service?
  3. What is sewer service? They filed papers Why bother if debt is past SOL
  4. Thank you. I'll contact NACA. We have no address to send a RMRR. We are returning to TX in a few days. Do you think they will try to sue in Texas. No experience in these matters
  5. My husband is in CA settling his parents estate. He received a solicitation letter offering to represent him in a suit. This was the first notice of such action The letter noted a case number and Portfolio has filed against him He had not been served with official papers The debt if valid is over 10 yrs old. How can they sue you in one state if you live in another on an old debt way past SOL
  6. Live in TX being sued in CA for 10yr old debt

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