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  1. paid over 1,000 on debt i would like to settle the last 700 i don't want to pay the last 700 any ideas on settlement method or a sample settler to send them i just don't have the money to finish paying this debt? any help would be great full
  2. Hello I have been sending validation letters out and they have been coming back with an original statement from the creditor however the address is wrong ive never lived at those addresses and and these accounts defiantly are not mine i don't know what the next step is in proving these accounts are not mine any help would appreciated could i ask for more information in proving its mine? or do i pretty much have to bite the dust
  3. when I pull my credit there are mostly student loans on there defaulted sold transferred how do I clean this up and get these off there my whole credit report is mainly student loans
  4. what would be another option to dispute it? only because there are three accounts on my credit report from this same place which is a wal mart credit card but all different accounts i now only one of those is my account i only had one wal mart credit card. this account in particular shows transaction on the card up to the limit but no payments so obviously someone took this account out in my name now i just have to prove its not mine. but if this statement satisfies the validation process it just might be easier to settle its a very low amount
  5. I know this answer is probably on this site but i have looked and looked and cant find it. I sent a validation letter to a collection agency they sent me three photo copied original statements from the original creditor, how ever is this correct for debt validation this debt is definitely not mine. if it is correct and this satisfies the validation i will go ahead and try to settle. But can i request extra information from the credit agency besides photo copies of the statements?
  6. Its chase bank, when it comes out of my checking account the check shows chase bank, however there was a phone number on the back of the electric funds check that I called and it was client services so I am guessing its a collection agency I set it up back in 2013 and I thought it was chase bank them selves but now Im starting to think it is a collection agency because it doesn't show no payments being made on my credit report and it says charge off written off
  7. I recently pulled my credit report and there is an original creditor reporting that I am in collections that the account was charged off and written off however I have been making payments on this account directly out of my checking account each month. I don't know what to do if im paying on a charged off account should I stop the payments? its not being reported that I'm paying. Not sure where to begin with this one?
  8. I disputed an account with chase back in 2007it went in to good standing paid/ never late. i just ordered a new credit report and i noticed its back in the negative listing with new dates and so forth how can this happen? and what do I do?