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  1. Excuse me as I am shaking as I write this. As many know I have been rebuilding for 4 months, my scores have gone from 550s to mid 600s across the board (FICO 8s),... I had MULTIPLE COLLECTIONS deleted, charge off from First Premier, and baddies. As of this morning, my last baddies were a Capital One CO from 2013 (only 2.5 years old, likely killing my score) and 3- 30 day lates for student loans in dispute from 12 months ago. I GWed Cap One for weeks, and got contstant denials ... UNTIL THIS AFTERNOON at 2pm. I kept getting the generic BS of "We can not delete inaccurate information blah b
  2. How do I send a MOV LETTER? Fax ? This is only affecting my EXP file
  3. I have sent a direct dispute and HIPAA claim to the Business office requesting immediate removal from the collection agency in lieu of a lawsuit and HIPAA complaint. That should light a fire. Got a call from the CA Manager (very nice lady) saying she will look into this with the hospital management and resolve this. So heres hoping by weeks end this is gone, otherwise I will be using your form!!! thank you!
  4. i all! So I recently succeeded in getting my second last collection off of my bureaus -- a medical collection of $1200 with Mercantile Adjustment. The hospital actually forgave the debt 3 years ago but never reported it to the COL AGENCY and it finally came off thanks to my due diligence. Got a 5 point score bump too At 636 now (EXPERIAN), up from 578 just in July!! NOW, I have one more due to age off in November.. California Buisiness Bureau. The balance is $1705 with the hospital (OC) but they want $2200 to pay it off and they will delete early...extortion if you ask me!! I decline