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  1. THANKS CHEESE! Im assuming you are a wrastlin fan. Im not a huge fan but i watch it with my nephew. Pretty funny stuff. Check out .....WHAT? Update 22 accounts total. Sent out 20 Cert Mail letters (2 were returned resending them) 5 accounts deleted on those accounts 9 more possible delets on the way 6 accounts not responded 1 verified. AFNI for an old AT&T account... Looking into options for the 1 verification. May sue CRA and CA, may send letters to CA first. Any advice?
  2. Thanks Fist! This is a revised version of the DV letter i used several years ago. I used it mostly for CAs. Keep it simple.. *****************LETTER************************ Equifax Information Services P.O. BOX 740256 Atlanta, GA 30374 Sep 19, 2015 To whom it may concern, This letter is a formal request for an investigation into the account listed below. This account is NOT MINE! I worked at Patriot Bank for a few months in 2005 but NEVER had a loan of any kind. Certified Recovery 6161 Savoy Dr 600 Hou, TX 77036 Account #726766 Please delete the above account as quickly as possi
  3. OK Ive been looking and trolling for years and i think I'm ready to begin. I'm going to provide a pretty detailed step by step log so folks can see this in real time. I would greatly appreciate any comments. Im thick skinned so, lay it on me. If you find this helpful give us a BUMP. Pulled credit reports and I have 9 trade lines that are reporting negatively. Some to all 3 some to only 2. So, 22 total entries. Ive been looking around and the 623 letter method seems to be the way to go. Ive used DV with some success several years ago and I got 5 neg TLs off. I didnt really stick with it a