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  1. Anyone Beat CACH LLC and Mandarich in Oregon?! I have been served by Madarich Law group for CACH LLC. I responded claiming they have no standing and that Mandarich is not licensed as a debt collector in Oregon.Mandarich claims they do not need to be registered because they are a Law firm. However ORS ch 697 states exemtion for " An attorney-at-law rendering services in the performance of the duties of an attorney-at-law." The services of an attorney are any duty one must have passed the state bar to do. Mandarich sends dunning letters, creates payment plans,collects through billing. The Attorney they had at State mandated arbitration was a private contractor not an employee! . Has anyone had success with this argument in Oregon state court and if so what is the case number ? Or any other good arguments! Thanks!
  2. If Attorneys were always meant to be exempt it wouldn't say...rendering the duties of an attorney at law. Right?
  3. RE; Cach llc and Mandarich filing a complaint Breech of contract against me; I was a resident of Washington State during the period the alleged debt occured. 3 years later I changed residence and got a drivers license in Oregon. I was only temporarily in Oregon when I was served and a few dys later moved back to washington. Can I get a change of venue to Washington after I responded or after I go to arbitration? My drivers license is still in Oregon but I have a rental agreements and notarized statements to prove I only resided in Oregon for 3 months
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