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  1. Attached is my rough draft of a DV letter that references the TEXAS FINANCE CODE, I've pieced it together from this and other forums examples, trying to cover all my bases so I don't end up screwing my chances of getting this collection removed. I would appreciate any advice to improve it that anyone can offer. collection.docx
  2. Well i can only go by memory on the last date paid because Transworld is not showing the last payment made but if these accounts are from what i believe they are, the date of last payment shouldn't be past august of 09. If i can cut a few off through the DV letter that would be great honestly im scared to pay anybody after the horror stories i've read of late. Thank you Clydesmom will do.
  3. I'm trying to clean up my credit, I have 4 open collections. All together they add up to only around $2100 and I had planned on just paying them off over the next 6 months in full. but recently my score via credit karma took an unexpected plunge by -75 points it says it was do to the 2 oldest of the collections changing the "last reported" or "date updated" date to 28 august 2015. Both these collections are currently owned by Transworld systems. In a panic I began searching the web for answers on whether this was legal and what I could do to possible fix my credit in a hurry. In the process I learned that paying off these collections like I had planned was probably actually the worse thing I could have done for my credit. I'm looking into other more favorable options. My questions is should I attempt the validation letters I have been hearing about or should I jump straight to a pay for delete attempt? is it to late for a validation letter to help me? Also, all collections are past their SOL but not the 7 year fall off. The collection agencies are not attempting to contact me as of yet just reporting on my credit.