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  1. BV80, since I am a little scared to go ahead with the reconsideration of my motion to compel arbitration, would a MSJ, or Motion to Dismiss, be a mistake at this point? With my affidavit, I am little concerned that a MTC will do more damaged than good!
  2. Thank you BV80! I knew you were not being catty I would not provide proofs from my bank account that payments were made, and I don't think JDB can have access to it right?
  3. After reading all the posts I am getting to the conclusion that filing a reconsideration for MTC might be too risky! I had no idea what MTC was when I filed my affidavit denying plaintiff claims! Maybe I would have done differently I knew any better! Now I can't go back!!! At this point, I am guessing my best bet would be file MSJ or just sit back and wait for trial! Suggestions??? I have to say I never though I would find so many caring people online, that are willing to take their time to write suggestions, and share their knowledge to someone they don;t know! I will be forever tha
  4. That is what I afraid of! If I keep pushing the signed/entered or not signed/entered the contract issue I might put myself in even hotter waters than I am now!
  5. Just PRA. OC shows on my credit report as charged off, but I never disputed it!
  6. after the judge read me affidavit, she looked at me and said: "on your affidavit you say you haven't sign a contract, that is why I can't grant you the motion. do you understand why?" And in my entire dumbness I said YES!!!!
  7. I disputed the account the JDB posted as an open account! SInce I have never had an account with Portfolio I disputed as a false account!
  8. I have no idea what is next! I guess we will go to trial?!?!?! I remember the word "discovery" being sad, but I was so nervous, with my heart pounding in my head, that I can barely remember. I was only asked to file an "order" for denying defendant's motion for compel arbitration. I just want it all to end! I don't if I just sit and wait for trial, or if I file a motion for reconsideration, or MSJ.
  9. I forgot to mention, that their affidavit have been issued more than 10 days prior to filing. I pointed to it on my answer, as well!
  10. Here is what it says on their MSD: 9. Pursuant to MCR 2.116 © (9), defendant has failed to statet a valid defense to plaintiff's cause of action. 10. Pursuant to MCR 2.116 © (10), there is no genuine issue as to any material fact, and plaintiff is entitled to judgement by law. As I mentioned earlier, on the day of the MSD hearing, the judge gave 48 hours to file an affidavit denying the complaints, and later denied the JDB MSD.
  11. @Brotherskeeper that is exactly why the judge denied my MTC. She read my affidavit, and mentioned I was denying having a contract with plaintiff or its assignor.
  12. on my answer, I denied having that account! SO during our hearing she asked me again, and I denied again. That is when she gave me 48 hours to file an affidavit denying plaintiff's claim. She told me and the plaintiff's attorney that if I filed my affidavit of denial within 48 hours she would deny the JDB summary disposition, and she did. She didn't explain why!