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  1. Thanks I'll check case records and the mail for any responses. Is there a thread that explains what goes on typically in the court room? I'm going to assume I won't get an answer before our court date and will have to provide the MTC I filed and request for it in person? I just want to make sure if I'm not supposed to do anything like make sure I don't confirm the debt is mine for example if the plaintiff tries to get me to claim it in court or something.
  2. Okay and now I wait to hear from the judge before or at trial in regards to handling this through arbitration right?
  3. So I did everything last week and this is the update for the court case. Can anyone explain if any of this means anything? Thanks.
  4. nvm you already filed for arbitration lol sorry.
  5. Thanks for your response! I wouldn't have to pay for the Fedex fee so I can just overnight my MTC to the attorney. According to what I've read from both threads my MTC needs to include: 1. The MTC - I already filled one out based on Linda's template because she said it's applicable for all states. Yours does not and you wished for no one to copy/paste. Is Linda's not a good template at this time? 2. Affidavit - for the credit card agreement which I will print out online from the cards website. 3. On the MTC it states I have sent a letter to the attorney requesting arbitration. You are saying I can just send a copy of the MTC to the attorney instead of sending over stuff twice (letter electing arbitration and the MTC itself). If I just send the MTC itself I should remove the two/three lines stating I have sent over a letter electing arbitration from the MTC right? Should I also send a copy of the MTC to the bank? Or sending it to the attorney representing the bank is enough? 4. Judge's Order. I submit all of this to the courthouse in the morning correct? Would you happen to know the fee for filing this? I tried checking the fee schedule (https://www.courts.state.md.us/sites/default/files/import/district/forms/acct/dca109.pdf) but can't seem to find filing a MTC unless I'm going blind. THANKS again!
  6. Sorry for being annoying lol! I actually think I finished up most of the documents already while at work. Is it possible I can PM you the documents? I completed the MTC, Affidavit, Letter to elect arbitration and the judge's order as per Linda's thread. I have a Fedex account here at work but I can go down to the local USPS store and do the CRRR if it's easier. Whatever is best. Thanks in advance and sorry for the multiple messages !
  7. Quick question! If I have a Fedex account could I just use that to mail out these letters or do I still need to use CRRR USPS?
  8. Okay thank you. I am following Linda7's posts now. I am going to try to have everything filled out and sent to the court by Thursday/Friday.I will be Fedex overnight-ing the letter to the attorney and will go in person to the court house either Thursday or Friday morning to file the motion. If anyone can confirm I'll also upload copies of everything I plan to submit beforehand tomorrow night to see if the information is correct. I'll redact case no's and names/addresses. Thank you!
  9. Is this the part where I file a motion for Arbitration?
  10. Hello! It's been a while. So my court date is February 1. I'd like to start arbitration this week. Is there a thread I can read up on starting it? Does anyone know if we can get things rolling by next week or does it take a long time?
  11. ALSO is this message okay as a defense: "I deny plaintiff's claims and demand private contractual arbitration as provided by, and in accordance with, the credit card agreement." per Harry's post ?
  12. Hello just wanted to confirm.....I can mail my intent to defend notice to the address listed at the top of the document (courthouse) right?
  13. Thanks for your response! I didn't have time to work on this yet but I'm going to complete it before the week is over. Is it possible for me to send my answer first and then file the MTC later? My court date isn't until Feb 1 2019. I'm not going to wait until January to do it but I was thinking maybe in about 2 weeks I'd file a MTC. Or do you feel like it's important for me to send in my Answer and file a MTC at the same time?
  14. Thank you! The card agreement states arbitration will be done through AAA so that is who I will end up going with.