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  1. Thanks for replying to me. I thought this was a scan at first i just don't get how he actually called me on the sheriff's phone number. I guess he hacked it
  2. I was called the other day by a supposed private investigator named Christopher Marlynn who said he had papers to serve me for a defaulted pay day loan from 2012. This could be true but at the beginning of this year I paid off everything that was on my credit report minus my school loans. But anyways he called first saying he was an investigator with the Sheriffs department and that he had papers to serve me regarding money I owed on a payday loan. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about because I paid everything off the beginning of this year and he said so your denying this? I told him that if I owe money I owe it so he instead gave me a number for the law firm that was handling the case because he said it was only over a couple of hundred dollars and he had bigger fish to fry and he would give me until the next day to handle it with them or he would serve me at my residence. So I called a company that was called First Financial Group. Which I thought was weird because that didn't sound like a title of a law firm but instead for a bank or collections agency maybe. So I called and it was answered by a man named david allen. He was the supposed attorney. He told me that I owed money for taking out a payday loan with some California Advance location on Westminster blvd in 2012. I told him I don't remember doing that but I could of. He told me that he was being used by the collections agency because I told him I refused to pay which is not true anytime I have a collections agency call I ask them to send me something in the mail or email me regarding what it is about but would not pay until I receive it. I had someone call me 3 weeks prior from a collections agency before this happened. So he told me though because he had already been hired and the company paid him $500 already to take care of this the bill was $856.00 but he would refund them $250 because we wouldn't go to court and said I only had to pay $536.31 if I settled with him. I told him let me think about it. I then tried to call back the investigator and it went to dispatch for the Stanton sheriffs department and I asked to speak to investigator Marlynn and they said there was no one there named that and I told them the just of what happened and they told me it was a scam. So I left it alone until the next day and called the investigation dept for the Stanton Sheriffs dept and spoke to a lady named susan and she had no idea who that investigator was and said it was a scam. She took down my info and told me she would check into everything for me. So I then called the company first financial group back and david allen then answered and I don't know what attorney answers his own office phone but I told him what I was told that it was a scam and he then freaked out on the phone saying it is not a scam investigator marlynn is a PI and must know people at the sheriffs dept and I told him that I doubt the sheriffs dept would allow anyone to call from there number. I ended up handing up on him later on because he was just yelling and babbling on. I then got a call from an unknown number and checked the voicemail at 1030 am, which was the PI stating he was at my residence with another PI but mumbled his name and no one answered and I needed to stop this willful evasion and I would see him again.I called my sister who was at home and asked if anyone came by and she said no. I then called back the supposed lawyer group and told him he needed to stop this at is has been reported to the sheriffs dept he then came back and said do you think im scared of any law enforcement, give me her number and I will call them right now then when I told him I needed his business location he went on to verbally harass me with "I cant wait to sue you because your a good for nothing on the community and I hope your glad to be such a piece of ****. And I hope you speak this was to investigator Marlynn and just see what happens to you." I then asked him was that a threat? He told me "no I was just saying in general." I told him I don't think any real lawyer would say that to anyone especially over $300 and he told me that he told investigator Marlynn to make it his personal vendetta to find me. I told him im at work so I will be home after 5pm and if he doesn't find me then to send it certified mail because I have no reason not to pay something I owe. He then went on to say that if I deny to pay it becomes a criminal offense of check fraud. but I could of swore that every California pay day loan place I have ever been into has a sticker in there window that states they cannot take you to court over a defaulted payday loan. No one has shown up at my residence to serve me and it has been a few days. I told the investigator at the sheriffs dept and she said that she had called them supposed lawyers number and asked what kind of company they were and he did not answer her just kept on giving here the run around she told me and another colleage agreed it was a scam. I looked up all over the internet for this company and cannot find any lawyers group call First Financial Group or private investigator Christopher Marlynn. Should I just chalk this up to a scam? Please let me know