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  1. I emailed him in December of last year. His response "The bankruptcy is a public record but so is the judgment. It won’t go away but you should be able to explain it by showing the Order of Discharge" I didnt even think about it again until I was turned down from credit and this was identified as the reason. I emailed him yesterday and asked again why this one still shows active and the other shows satisfied. I have not heard back, but I am not expecting much.
  2. Hi all First post, so take it easy on me I completed my chapter 13 bankruptcy in January of 2014. It only took me a couple years to complete. Most of the debt was from payday loans that I just could not catch up on. Chapter 13 was a good solution to help me organize my debt, and pay off in full without trying to manage multiple creditors. I filed in 2012. Long story short, recently I was denied credit because of a judgement on my credit report. Upon further review I found 2 judgements from 2010, prior to my bankruptcy. One of the judgements reflects that it is satisfied, and indeed that creditor was included in my bankruptcy payments. Another, is still showing outstanding from 2010. When I look at my BK ledger, I do not see the creditor in the judgement included. I am not sure if the debt was sold off and another creditor was included in the BK. When my BK lawyer reached out to my creditors during the filing, many did not repsond. This is why it took only a couple years to pay off all my debt. My question is - How do I go about having this judgement removed? Is there any legal right since it was prior to my filing and completion of Chapter 13? And since I do not see them on my ledger, is it riskier to call the creditor and ask for it to be satisfied, or do I just hold out for 2 more years and let it fall off? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you all!
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