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  1. I emailed him in December of last year. His response "The bankruptcy is a public record but so is the judgment. It won’t go away but you should be able to explain it by showing the Order of Discharge" I didnt even think about it again until I was turned down from credit and this was identified as the reason. I emailed him yesterday and asked again why this one still shows active and the other shows satisfied. I have not heard back, but I am not expecting much.
  2. Hi all First post, so take it easy on me I completed my chapter 13 bankruptcy in January of 2014. It only took me a couple years to complete. Most of the debt was from payday loans that I just could not catch up on. Chapter 13 was a good solution to help me organize my debt, and pay off in full without trying to manage multiple creditors. I filed in 2012. Long story short, recently I was denied credit because of a judgement on my credit report. Upon further review I found 2 judgements from 2010, prior to my bankruptcy. One of the judgements reflects that it is satisfied, and indeed tha