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  1. Thank you. I have never been sued before so I was very worried, and then after reading all the stuff online about these guys... It was filed and there is a court number... I just didn't want to run into a situation where I paid them the settlement and then they still get a default judgement or something because I didn't send anything to the court within 20 days.
  2. So I was served last week by someone on behalf of Suttell & Hammer who was representing Midland who apparently bought a debt that I owe. The summons said that I had to serve my defense or notice to appear to Suttell & Hammer and the court within 20 days. I called S&H and asked for a settlement offer, which they offerred, I accepted, and I paid. They said that they would send me a letter in the mail in 21 days acknowledging the settlement of the debt. Well... 21 days past the payment date would make it beyond the date in the court docs of when I was supposed to answer. That didn't sound right to me, so I asked a lawyer on a 15 minute free consult what to do. He said to serve them and the court with a notice of appearance so that a default judgement couldn't be entered against me and then wait as they would likely drop the court case since I had paid. Today I had someone attempt to serve them and they are not at the office that they apparently used to be at and refused to give a physical address when requested to do so over the phone so that service could be completed. Instead they said to send it to them via fax and that would count as service. Again, this sounds shady, but the gal who attempted to serve them did in fact send it to them via fax as they requested and filled out an afadavit of service with the note about what happened. Tomorrow I will take it to the court and file it there as well. Am I being paranoid? Will they just drop the court thing since I have paid now? Or... ?