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  1. Wow, this is more than I could have expected. I really appreciate the help. You're a life saver @qednick. You have saved me DAYS of stress lol. I will do as instructed. Thank you again .
  2. My last reply was intended before your last post.
  3. Ok @qednick, So I have been reading through some of the posts and have been finding it all hard to understand. So would the #10 post by @texasrocker in apply for my letter of general denial. If so, what would I change and would I need to add anything else?. Do I need to file for discovery BEFORE I send this letter? Thanks
  4. Ok @qednick. I will definitely relax a little bit. Please bare with me because I have no idea what I'm doing, but I have a few questions. Thank you. As far as a general denial, what would that consist of? Just me writing them that I deny any and all claims made by the plaintiff? Does it need to be notarized? As for the discovery portion, what sort of documents would I request and what sort of questions would I ask? I am also assuming that discovery has to be made by written notice to the JP or does it need to be made to portfolio recovery or both? Also, does it need to be notarized as well? I do not believe that I have had any communication with them. All unknown numbers get sent directly to vm and I do not remember ever speaking with them. They may have sent me something via mail, but any and all of those notices were sent straight to my trash can per my fiance or myself without opening it, thinking it was junk mail.
  5. Thank you for your response qednick. I really appreciate it.
  6. First of all, Thank you for any and all assistance. I recently recieved a subpoena notifying me that I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates. I have never been issued a subpoena before and have no clue what to do. I am panicking. I have attached the first 5 pages of the subpoena. The other documents included are sell of the debt and a credit card statement from 08/2012. If I need to include those, then I will. The documents have been edited to remove personal information (name, address, case number, ect.) If needed, I will PM you. Thank you again, redd4949 Here is how it reads. Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC Assignee of In the Justice Court HSBC Bank Nevada N.A. Capital One N.A. / Best Buy Harris County, Texas Plantiff Precinct 4, Place 2 vs. 7900 Will Clayton Parkway My Name Here Humble, TX 77338 5849 Defendant 713 287-2450 Citation (Debt Claim Case) The State Of Texas County of Harris: To: ANY SHERIFF, CONSTABLE, PROCESS SERVER CERTIFIED UNDER ORDER OF THE SUPREME COURT, OTHER PERSON AUTHORIZED BY COURT ORDER, OR CLERK: Deliver this citation, together with a copy of the petition, to: My Name Here My Address Here My Phone Number Here TO THE DEFENDANT: You have been sued. You are commanded to appear by filing a written answer to the petition filed by Plantiff with the Clerk of the Court on or before the end of the 14th day after the date of service of this Citation. If you fail to file an answer as required, a judgement by default may be rendered upon the plaintiff's proof of the amount of damages. Date Petition Filed : 10/02/15 Nature of demand made by Plaintiff(s): money owed in the amount of $1381.04 together with attorney's fees, cost of court, interest as provided by law and general relief. A copy of the Petition is attached. You have been sued. You may employ an attorney to help you in defending against this lawsuit. But you are not required to employ an attorney. You or your attorney must file an answer with the court. Your answer is due by the end of the 14th day after the day you were served with these papers. If the 14th day is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, your answer is due by the end of the first day following the 14th day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday. Do not ignore these papers. If you do not file an answer by the due date, a default judgment may be taken against you. For further information, consult the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Part V, Rules of Practice in Justice Courts. A copy of the Rules is available at or at the Justice Court.