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  1. Do you know what the Credit score points will be (+/-) with Paid as agreed VS Paid In full?
  2. Does anyone know if PRA will take a Settlement but mark as Paid in Full? advice, Experience?
  3. Does anyone know if PRA will take a Settlement but mark as Paid in Full?
  4. That the way i was leaning, just hoped there was a way to get it off. I’m going to be buying a home within 12 months so paying sooner than later looks like the best route to take. I should pay asap it looks like. Thanks!
  5. Hello all! Newbie here.. Trying to get the score up, currently about 600or so. I have three collection accounts on there. Tried to dispute, came back verified and all ok (as in they belong to me). Contacted Portfolio with a Pay IN FULL for delete, they said they do not delete. Tried to email a higher up, no response yet. I guess my question is this... How many points will a score increase with a Paid in full VS a Settlement? I have the $ to pay them off, but want them removed from my credit report so my score increases. I was looking around and thinking that in the long run, a Paid in Full would look batter to future creditors vs a settlement. Thoughts, advice? Thank you all so much in advance
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