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  1. I applied for a home loan last year and the loan officer who turned me down said that I needed to get secured credit cards. I said I didn't want any credit cards and I asked if I could pay off my smaller old debts instead. The loan officer said that paying off old debt wouldn't help me and that I needed some new accounts that showed that "You know how to pay on time". He said that if I didn't get secured credit cards "You'll be calling me again next year or someone like me" and I'd be turned down again. So I'm going to go with the secured credit cards. It's better than doing nothing...
  2. A secured credit card's minimum deposit is usually two or three hundred dollars. Is it better for your score if you buy yourself a limit of say $800.00 rather than getting the minimum of two or three hundred? Is having and responsibly using multiple secured cards better for your score?
  3. Are you sure? People in that thread listed some of the secured credit cards they had or used to have as not reporting as secured. Does a card reporting as secured "look bad"? Does a secured credit card give your score less of a boost than an unsecured credit card?
  4. I want to rebuild my credit so I'm looking at secured credit cards. I read a thread from 2011 about secured cards that don't report as secured. Which cards report to all 3 major credit bureaus and report as unsecured as of 2015?
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