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  1. Well I feel like one and cannot stop kicking myself. I mean I seriously just stopped, shut down from this whole mess. I never even researched anything about debt till this week. I am one of the best at researching things. Probably could make a living at it. I just spent days actually looking and trying to comprehend the magnitude of it. Is there any advice you could give me to go about trying to consolidate debt on these judgements from 4 different CA, sorry about DC I was using before I hope you know I meant Debt Collectors ....the thousands of dollars in interest is staggering, I just want to vomit.
  2. ok thank you. When I came across the website I was looking for judgements under my husbands name and his fathers name and age, 81 came up numerous times. The website wanted money to open each one so I didn't. I am going to courthouse tomorrow to look at each one. I think the reason there are so many is a DC sent a Judgement in Aid of Execution of Garnishment to every bank in our town. I realize I must appear like a deadbeat that doesn't pay her bills. As I pointed out these are medical bills that were from circumstances beyond my control at a time of overwhelming financial difficulties. We looked into bankruptcy and a lawyer gladly took $1500.00 dollars and told us to go out and purchase 2 new vehicles, which I thought was disgusting. Anyhow my husband got a new job and 11yrs of 2 grand a month in alimony and child support ended, also a $20,000.00 judgement on repossessed vehicle also was satisfied so we longer qualified for bankruptcy . So here we were stuck with vehicles we couldn't afford and lawyer didn't refund a dime of $1500.00. His divorce was horrible and he was shafted in every sense of the word. Judges and lawyers even said it but they do not turn over another judges rulings. When our attorney saw the Judge that would be preceding over the divorce he said , " This will not be good!". He was right and thus began our road to ruin. At this time my husband's earnings were $60,000 yr. 2 kids, and he was awarded his 14 yr old son. Judge ruled 800.00 alimony 5 yrs , after 5 yrs reduced to 500. 00 for 5 yrs. also 600.00 child support until daughter turned 19, lawyer and court costs and health coverage and costs of all healthcare. Lawyer fees exceeded 15,000. and his ex would drag him back to court numerous times, every time he got a raise she wanted more. Finally a judge let her have it and it stopped. Also important to add is his ex ran up tens of thousands in credit cards bills so they had to file bankruptcy in the divorce. Which is important in he could not file bankruptcy for 7 yrs. I know this info doesn't change anything but I wanted anyone who may read this to get an idea of how I arrived here. We never ran up credit cards, we drove old payed for vehicles. Unexpected medical circumstances added insult to injury and I couldn't cope anymore. I wouldn't open mail and ignored everything hoping it would all disappear. Well folks it doesn't . So here I am , head out of sand trying to figure this out. After I go to courthouse tomorrow I will understand the entire legal trouble we are in. I thought it was the same DC that was suing us, as I said I wouldn"t open mail. Well surprise it multiple DC. Please Please Please do not do what I have done. Stay on top of things and try hard to make payments before it gets too far out of control.
  3. I have older judgements that are well past SOL and I just stumbled across the initials. I am a little surprised that they are suing me after I just payed them $7000.00 , $3000.00 was interest alone. I have no one to blame but myself. All of this has literally made me ill with worry and stress.
  4. It is my husbands and I's debt. His father has passed away and has nothing to do with it. My name isn't on all the judgements , I'm guessing because I am stay at home mom. I never noticed the initials were wrong until I tried to look up any and all judgements under my husbands name. I realize about medical debts and have went through every bill since 2006 and have found no discrepancies . I have older judgements that are well past SOL and I just stumbled across the initials. I am a little surprised that they are suing me after I just payed them $7000.00 , $3000.00 was interest alone. I have no one to blame but myself. All of this has literally made me ill with worry and stress. I am glad you are the one that saw this Clydesmom, I need straight up advice.
  5. Hello. Been reading this forum for a few days trying to see if I can find something to support me against the mess I have created. We have 4 medical default judgements. I just payed off $7, 800 lump sum one. The DC told me they have 2 other bills from hospital that was not in court yet. $847.00 and $4,000,the other 3 default judgements are with a different DC, I have paid the $847.00 , right after I sent payment I was served with summons asking for both combined. I have my answer to summons and am taking to courthouse Monday. I started investigating some things and found that the judgements are actually my father-in -laws name. My husband and his father are both Joseph but middle initials are different and of course age. I am going to search up everything at courthouse Monday on their computers. I have so many questions and details on this journey I am about to take and would love advice. I could definitely be the posterchild for "What NOT To Do!" when being sued. I am a resident of Nebraska. Thank-you , Kelly
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