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  1. Hello, I wanna paid my debts is already close the credit cards account, charge off or collection 3 years ago. I just want paid them but in exchange I wanna is be delete records. 1/What is the steps I need to fallow to "pay to delete" I just want all the my negative account will be erase in my credit report. 2/if the credit card companies or collection won't delete my debts even I paid them full amount, after 7 to 10 years will be erase automatically in my credit report? Or will show any track I own any of the those credit cards? 3/Can I disputed my full paid credit cards negative accounts with Equifax, Trasunion and Experian erase in my credit report? Or still I need wait 7 to 10 years will drop off in my credit report? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello I just want to know when you paid credit cards debts the companies you own (Citi, Chase, Discover, Amex, GE Bank and Capitol One) you repaid them all the amount they put you in a blacklist even you repair your credit score when you applied a new credit cards with that companies I mentioned? Or they have certain years of penalty because you owned them money. Also if someone know the years of penalties to applied again if is any penalties years of this companies; Citi, Chase, Discover, Amex, GE Bank and Capitol One Thanks.
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