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  1. They want $11k on it. But again she hasn't heard anything, and her dad hasn't either (he was a co-signer). The technical term on the report says that the account is closed and was written/charged off. The collection agency account was where it went 5 yrs ago when she didn't pay. Neither the original or the collectors have contacted us. Wow, thank you for all the awesome feedback, guys. I didn't know about most of this stuff beforehand.
  2. Hi everyone, I sure hope that I'm posting this in the right place. I had some questions about credit reports, collections, and closed accounts. So here's the thing: Before my wife and I met, she had a car loan and then lost her job. The car was repossessed and then sold at an auction. The company wanted her to pay the difference between her loan and what the car was sold for. She still did not have work so it didn't go over well. Eventually she stopped receiving bills and contact of any kind. I'm trying to figure out what the statute of limitation for collections is (in NV it appears to be 6 years). From what I have read, after the statute of limitations, a collector can't sue you to collect on a debt? When does the limitations start, according to what's on the credit report? Is it the date the original account was closed? Also, if the company does try to go after her and take things away in order to collect, the can't take our current car that has both of our names on it, can they? What are the odds that they will try to collect before the limitation runs out (by suing)? We have not heard from them since 2010. Please help. I'm concerned and have no idea what to do here. If you need any additional info, please ask.