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  1. Just wanted to post an update on what happened: My court date was December 7th, so just two days ago. Prior to that I researched the civil procedure for denials as well as the discovery process. Tennessee's civil procedure says: So with that in mind, I simply made a general denial statement with the docket number and stated "I am without sufficient knowledge to form a belief as to the truth of the complaint below" and then put the complaint and amount below. I thought I would have to bring that before a judge, but instead I had an opportunity to talk to the attorney that was rep
  2. That's very refreshing to hear, thank you. I was not aware that there was a general denial. I'll do some research on that, but is the process similar? Thank you Robert, I am glad that your comments are in line with Shellieh98's. Great minds think alike, right? Also, in terms of financial responsibility, I completely agree with you. I wish that I could afford health insurance for my family, but the Affordable Care Act has not had the effect it was intended to have -- at least, not in my family's case. It is unfortunately much more affordable to pay the penalty and hope that we can pay an
  3. Is an adjournment the same thing as a continuance? Do I need to file a motion for that, or just ask the judge at the court date? Edit: Seems like a continuance and an adjournment are essentially the same thing. One is requested by the judge, the other is requested by the plaintiff/defendant. Thanks for the reminder on the tenants. Probably would be a good idea to do that. I've got a management company that I'll need to inform as well, but i just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be leaving them with a negative balance. I'd prefer not to stiff them if I can avoid it. So would askin
  4. I will check into that. I'm thinking probably not, since these are for medical bills rather than for credit card debt. One for an ER visit, and the other was an anesthesiologist. Assuming for now that arbitration isn't an option, would making a sworn denial make my situation any worse than it already is? Are there any conditions under which it wouldn't be helpful to do so?
  5. Hello all, First, let me thank you all for your posts in general, as I've read quite a lot on this forum in the past few days. The attitude of helpfulness and generosity is very apparent, as is the kindness and concern i often see expressed. Without writing a book on my first post, let me explain my situation: We live in the state of Tennessee. My wife and I had a baby girl out of health insurance in November 2013. Tons of medical bills were accumulated, which we haven't been able to pay. I was also unemployed at the time, and had accumulated quite a bit of credit card debt. We also ha